The Mirror Trader is IML’s trade copier that lets you earn while you learn. Connect your brokerage account to one of our trading professionals and let them do all the work for you.

FXSignalsLive – Hands-Off Mirror Trading

 Create A Passive Income Investment

 Leverage Compound Growth

 Completely Automated

Video & Written Steps on Setting Up the Mirror Trader

Watch The Video That Shows You
How to Setup the Mirror Trader

Learn the exact steps you need to do to setup your mirror trading account with FXSignalsLive.

So you’re barely learning how to trade but still want to earn? We got something for you too.

The Mirror Trader (FXSignalsLive) is your very own trade copier that lets you make money completely hands-off. What does that mean? It means you simply connect your brokerage account
to one of our master traders and let them trade for you. It’s that simple.

To set up your Mirror Trader account, you must go to

Our Traders Analyze, Open, & Close All the Trades for You.

Let our professionals do everything for you, you just simply connect and earn.

AutoTrader Stats

Total $ Gained To Date
# of Pips Caught
Combined Weeks of Trading

Your FXSignalsLive AutoTraders

The traders all range from low, medium, to high risk to meet a variety of needs and preferences. 


How to Setup a Demo/Live Account with the Mirror Trader


1️⃣ Go to

2️⃣ Login (same as IML info)

3️⃣ Click on ‘My Accounts’

4️⃣ Click either Demo or Live (depends on if you have a minimum of $500 in broker account and ready to go live).

5️⃣ Enter MT4 login from broker (

6️⃣ Choose Master Trader you want.

7️⃣ Select your broker under ‘Managed Hosting’.

8️⃣ Press ‘Send Request’.

9️⃣ Under ‘My Accounts’ you can change anything you desire under ‘Settings’ with the trader you chose.

📝 Must have minimum of $500 in your brokerage account in order to take the trades.

🤔 Once it’s live, where can I see my trades?

▶️ On your MetaTrader 4 app on under trades or history.